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I'm impressed

A wonderful piece, to be sure. Good choice of music, well thought out camera angles, scenery, concept. The symbolism caught my attention especially. I very much enjoyed watching this. You've got style, and this was time well spent.

Keep animating.

Sprites =(

I'm not very fond of Sprite-based animating, but this is good nonetheless. Can't wait for no 2.


Very nice animating style. As usual.
The part with Selphie actually made me laugh out loud :D
Nice work!

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This is so close to perfection!

I dislike stick figures, I really do. As soon as I see a stick figure I get the impression that the author is just trying to take shortcuts.

Yet you make it work so well, that tiny touch of hair (and the PANTS!) make such a difference! Not to mention that you have so many tiny details that make up for a great whole. I mean, I just noticed that when I keep the snail shell up in the air you actually added a tiny counter for it! That made me smile.

My ONLY criticism for this is that I wish the character had some flesh on those sticks, and something besides an empty loop as a head. Since you've already shown to us what great and fluid animation you can muster, surely this wouldn't be a problem.

That being said, I know there are plenty of people who enjoy the idea of stick figures, and as far as I'm concerned you are by far the best stick figure game author at this point in time.

There's plenty to do, the game's got style, but over all - this game is FUN - and that's where its real beauty lies.

Well done, sir. I feel my time playing this was very well spent, and I hope you feel your time creating it was as well.

It feels familiar, somehow...

...but in a good way!

It's obvious that you've been influenced by games you enjoy yourself, and that's usually a good way to go (quite unavoidable too). A lot of time and effort have been put into the story, the voice work, the music, your art, the scripting, well, everything! And it's executed quite nicely too!

The problem is, that with all these things going on I couldn't play the game smoothly even on low quality (and my computer isn't THAT slow!). After beating the game I wanted to play through it again, but I actually died at the dogs in the cellar and so I lost interest.

The rewards didn't feel worth the effort of going through all that again (those archers were so cheap =P), but it was a nice bonus nonetheless.

Looking forward to see what's next from Jazza Studios. Thanks for a nice gaming session, time well spent!

Looking forward to the finished product.

First of all let me just say that I think it was well scripted, there are some great textures and animating going on here as well. This has a lot of potential!

I found myself bored waaay before I reached the helicopter pad, however. I forced myself through those nine minutes to see what else the demo had to offer. It will be interesting to see where you'll take this game, (can't imagine how this will work online) I'll be looking forward to it.

In closing; for a zombie shooter, it's not as satisfying to shoot zombies as it should be! I think it might be the sound, the guns feel...weak. If I play this too long I might get a seizure or something, damn, those flashing lights are killer!

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Exactly what I've been looking for

I'm currently designing a game that's party inspired by "Space Invader", and your music is exactly what I've been looking for.

I must've downloaded about six or seven tracks of yours now (seven being the magical number)!

Thank you for your wonderful music, and I do hope you continue to produce more work of this caliber AND BEYOND!

- G

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